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Our service is developed for spouses, who are looking for quick divorce services of Florida. We are always ready to help you with preparing the documents for your individual uncontested legal breakup.  Do it yourself divorce in Florida with the help of our service is always quick and easy. Our professionals will complete a do it yourself divorce kit Florida for you in less than 30 minutes.

  • An ability to file for divorce in Florida without an attorney
  • Easy divorce in Florida – no legal knowledge required
  • Quick divorce in Florida with no efforts
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Do It Yourself Divorce Florida: When Is It Applicable?

The most important thing any spouse should know when looking for Florida divorce help is that there are two main types of divorces:

  • Contested divorce. Contested dissolution of marriage usually takes place, when the spouses require a third party to solve serious divorce issues. These include having different viewpoints regarding dividing assets or debt, taking care of children and other questions. In this case, Florida divorce online no court is impossible since each spouse will need a lawyer. As a rule, Florida quick divorce is not applicable to this type of legal breakup.
  • Uncontested divorce. This is the most common type of dissolution of marriage, where the spouses have a similar vision on the main aspects of their divorce, including raising kids and dividing the property. In case you are planning to have a contested legal breakup, you will be able to save lots of money with having a cheap divorce Florida. Moreover, you can also finalize your dissolution of marriage within the shortest terms and get a fast Florida divorce in no time.

No More Filing for Divorce in Florida with the Lawyers: The Main Reasons

Earlier, most spouses consulted a lawyer to get a quickie divorce Florida. The matter is that a few decades ago professional divorce services did not exist. However, these times are gone. Now, you can effortlessly get a simplified divorce Florida with no need to visit the local lawyer. But why do most people are no longer looking for lawyers?

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Lawyer’s Services Are Incredibly Expensive

The truth is that even a simple divorce Florida will cost you over $10,000 in case you will prepare your documents with the lawyer’s help. However, with Florida do it yourself divorce forms online you will be able to save an amazing sum of money.

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A Visit to the Lawyer Requires Plenty of Your Free Time

Getting stuck in the traffic, sitting in crowded offices is surely stressful. Most spouses prefer choosing online divorce solution since it delivers all the needed FL divorce forms right to your email. No offices, no traffic, no lawyers, no stress.

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Scheduling a Visit to the Lawyer Can Be a Problem

The lawyers are often incredibly busy. You might need to wait for at least a couple of days or weeks until your local lawyer becomes available. However, DIY divorce Florida with the help of our service can be launched right now.

Are you ready to save your time and efforts? Sign up on our website to get state of Florida divorce forms in the easiest way.  

Why Shouldn’t You Collect Divorce Forms Florida Without Any Legal Assistance?

Some spouses prefer collecting divorce papers without any assistance from the lawyer’s on professional online services. However, preparing your own Florida divorce forms in such a way is risky and really difficult for plenty of reasons:

Are you sure you will not miss any divorce form Florida? In case you fail to provide the court with all the needed Florida divorce documents, the entire Florida divorce packet will not be accepted. Therefore, your divorce process will be significantly slowed down until you prepare all the needed documents for your case.

However, most of them are outdated and are no longer used for filing for divorce in FL. Only a professional divorce manager is able to choose the freshest Florida simple divorce forms that will be accepted by the court clerk. The changes in the forms are often inconspicuous, so it is surely difficult to choose the proper form you really need.

Most documents contain lots of different fields, where you need to provide various types of personal data. Filling out the forms is a near work, so you can easily make a few mistakes in your documents because of misunderstanding some facts or descriptions. By the way, we are ready to help filling out divorce papers Florida for free.

Therefore, preparing Florida uncontested divorce forms without any professional assistance is usually a long and incredibly complicated process. With the help of the quality online solution, you will be able to collect all the important papers for your uncontested divorce FL much faster and easier. Filing for divorce in Florida without a lawyer is difficult but our experienced managers know their job perfectly and will deliver all the divorce papers in a blink of an eye.
getting divorce forms without any assistance

Uncontested Divorce Florida Online: The Greatest Advantages

Most spouses are busy people and usually lack free time for collecting tons of divorce papers in Florida. With our handy service, you will get all the forms in just a few clicks.

Collecting all the documents for dissolution of marriage is available almost immediately. There is no need to wait for hours or even days – get all Florida uncontested divorce papers in less than 30 minutes.

  • The process of applying for our service is really simple. You will need to sign up and fill out a short questionnaire to get all the personalized papers for the legal breakup.

In case you collect and fill out the forms for your dissolution of marriage properly, you might not have a court hearing at all. Simple divorce in Florida is available for thousands of spouses.

The entire process of preparing your documents is held online. After you receive your papers, you will only need to fill them out and print. After that, feel free to schedule your visit to the court.

We are always ready to help spouses with kids to prepare forms for their dissolution of marriage. Having children is absolutely no problem for getting a simplified dissolution of marriage Florida.

Our service is the cheapest way to get a divorce in Florida. We tried to make out prices as low as possible to make sure most spouses will afford online legal breakup.

With our service, you always know what you are paying for. Our pricing is completely understandable and doesn’t require making any extra payments for receiving your FL divorce papers.

  • We are proud of our excellent team of experts, who are the real professionals in Florida divorce paperwork. All of our employees have proven experience in preparing divorce papers online Florida.

Our managers always keep in touch with the state’s laws on divorce. Therefore, you will always get only up-to-date forms for your legal breakup.

When filing for divorce in Florida forms, each couple requires different documents for dissolution of marriage. We offer all our customers to fill out a special questionnaire that will help us to collect personalized papers for your divorce.

Filling out the dissolution of marriage Florida forms is often complicated. However, with our detailed instructions, you will be able to prepare your papers without any mistakes.

In case you have any questions regarding using our service or suddenly face any issue with filling out our questionnaire, our friendly support managers are always ready to assist.  

Most divorce services will overload your email box with lots of letters right after registration. But not our company. We will notify you via email only about the most important things regarding collecting your divorce package.

Steps to Getting a Divorce in Florida Online

There are only 3 divorce steps in Florida online that will help you to prepare all Florida divorce papers for your dissolution of marriage.

  1. Sign up on our website
  2. Fill out a simple questionnaire
  3. Get all the forms in your email

File divorce papers Florida is the simplest possible way! No legal knowledge or personal visit to our offices required.

getting a divorce online
preparing documents from home

Now you can do the entire job for preparing the documents for your legal breakup within the shortest term. Save your time and money for something more important!

Note: our service is unavailable for missing spouse divorce Florida. Please consider consulting the lawyer for preparing the documents for this kind of divorce case.

Divorce Papers Florida Online: What Will You Get?

The number of divorce documents you receive depends on your personal divorce case. All the papers for your dissolution of marriage are collected upon request and are carefully chosen according to the personal data available in your questionnaire.

  1. Petition for divorce for Florida
  2. Divorce in Florida child custody forms
  3. Florida simplified divorce form for property or assets division
  4. Divorce forms for dividing the debt
  5. Other forms for simple dissolution of marriage Florida

Note: our service is unavailable for missing spouse divorce Florida. Please consider consulting the lawyer for preparing the documents for this kind of divorce case.

Our company is one of the pioneers in providing the services of online dissolution of marriage. We’ve been working in the area of online divorces for over a decade and remain to be the leaders in this field of uncontested divorce online. We can boast of having thousands of successful divorces that were finalized within the shortest terms.

Our clients usually recommend our service to their friends and colleagues. If you take a look at our testimonials, you will find out that nearly 99% of our customers are satisfied with the job we do. Providing top-notch papers, personalized approach and taking care of our customers are among our key benefits. Unlike most online solutions for dissolution of marriage, we offer phone and email support to all our clients.

We are completely customer-oriented and are always ready to give you a helping hand. With our service, you are able to cope with all the divorce paperwork easily, as well as eliminate the stress of visiting the lawyer or looking for divorce forms on the Internet by yourself.

going through divorce with kids

In case you are looking for a divorce in Florida with kids or require the documents for Florida divorce child support, we are always ready to help. If you have children first divorce Florida, getting an online divorce in Florida with child is completely real. Moreover, a cheap divorce in Florida with children is one of the services, provided by our company. Our experts in the field of getting a divorce in Florida with children are always ready to assist you with collecting all the required documents.

safe divorce lawyer

Many spouses are wondering about the safety of the online divorce service. We assure that our online dissolution of marriage provider is completely safe and reliable. We use 256-encryption methods to securely store the information provided by our customers. We value your privacy and protect it with the highest possible security measures. Therefore, you can always use our service safely without any hesitations.


Thanks for great service! I couldn't afford a lawyer, so I was looking for other options, that's how I've found your website.
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Thank you for helping through the whole divorce process. I felt so much anxiety going through that stage in my life, but I'm really glad everything was done quick and easy.
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Never use those kind of services before, but it was really easy to follow along all instructions. I'm happy that I won't seeing my wife anymore.
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