How Much Does a Divorce Lawyer Cost in Florida?

How Much Does a Divorce Lawyer Cost in Florida?

The average hourly fee for a Florida divorce lawyer is $260 to $330. The typical total cost of a Florida divorce lawyer is around $11,000 to $14,000, but the expense in instances with no contested issues will be considerably less. The court will require you to pay a retainer fee of between $2,000 and $5,000, and all legal expenses will be subtracted from the amount.  

With every case being different, one cannot get a unique formula to precalculate the divorce budget. But exploring the fixed prices of divorce services in Florida, you can prepare financially for the marriage termination process and related challenges. Find out more about divorce attorneys in your state and choose the best one to partner with to ensure that your case succeeds.  

Divorce Lawyer Consultation Fee 

If you’re preparing to divorce your spouse, you should know whether you’ll require the services of a divorce attorney or if you can manage the situation on your own. The experts recommend getting at least a general overview of your situation from relevant specialists. This means that divorce attorney fees will define the cost of the entire process majorly.  

As mentioned earlier, in the Sunshine State, the divorce lawyer cost per hour fluctuates between $260 and $330 approximately. The pricing depends on the qualifications of the attorney and their locations. A divorce attorney in a bigger city will charge higher sums than the one in the outskirts. If you involve your attorney in the trial, expect to pay extra fees for every hour in court.  

You can also opt for limited-scope cooperation with your divorce lawyer which implies sharing marriage termination duties between you and your attorney. This strategy will help you reduce lawyer-specific expenses significantly.  

Many attorneys offer the initial consultation at no charge. This way you can easily decide whether the specialist suits your preferences and expectations and waste nothing.  

Divorce Lawyer Prices In Florida 

When precalculating the Florida divorce cost, it is essential to consider all the expenses connected to cooperation with the divorce attorney. Hourly rate, retainer fees, and additional charges all add up to make an average total cost of between 11 and 14 thousand dollars you are to spend on the lawyer services. Check out the attorneys nearby and cooperate with the most suitable one to reach beneficial outcomes.

Divorce Lawyer Jacksonville, FL 

The Jacksonville divorce lawyers costs are equal to the average Florida rates and are to take around three hundred dollars away from you per hour. The recommended specialists include Wood, Atter & Wolf P.A. for Duval County divorcees, Combs Greene, and more firms and attorneys around Jacksonville. If you cannot afford to hire a lawyer, but still look for a specialist to grant you tips and legal assistance, you can seek help at Jacksonville Area Legal Aid. Document your issue and appeal for lawful advice. 

Divorce Lawyer Miami, FL 

Miami lawyer may cost you less than anywhere around Florida. You have the possibility to cooperate with an experienced divorce attorney for just $175-$250 for an hour of consultation. Plus, the first hour will commonly come absolutely for free. Jeffrey Law, Pacheco Perez P.A, and other high-rated professionals will help you get all the benefits possible in your divorce case. Suppose the cost of divorce in Florida is too much for you, then there are organizations and websites to grant you pro bono legal services. You can find the list of free legal sources and assistance and the official Florida Courts website.  

Divorce Lawyer Tampa, FL 

If you are to get divorced in Tampa, add the filing fees of $408 and the hourly cost for divorce attorney of between $200 and $400 to precalculate your marriage termination budget. Some of the top popular divorce lawyers around the area include Curry Law Group, All Family Law Group P.A., Quinn & Lynch P.A., and more. For divorcees with low income or special needs, there is a range of free services to get the use of. They are Bay Area Legal Services, Clearwater Bar Foundation Program, and similar organizations.

How Much Does an Uncontested Divorce Cost in Florida Without a Lawyer 

The easiest way to cope with divorce prices in Florida without a big financial waste is to choose amicable marriage termination. This covers both spouses being open to cooperation and ready to agree on the key divorce issues. Then it will be possible for you to lower the cost of bringing your failed marriage to the end significantly. 

As soon as you choose an uncontested divorce in Florida, you are expected to pay around $500 if you do everything on your own; the process will cost you approximately $600 when using the help of online divorce services; when deciding to involve family law attorney in your amicable divorce process, plan to waste between 3 and 5 thousand dollars.  

Compare the numbers with a contested divorce cost of $13K on average ($20K for couples with minor children) and you will put in all efforts to finalize your marriage in a friendly way. Otherwise, a complicated case may take several dozens of thousand dollars away from your personal budget. And the reason for such an issue is not the high rates of a divorce attorney you choose, but your reluctance to cooperate and find a compromise with your spouse.  

Getting divorced in Florida may cost you as little as half a thousand dollars or reach a 100K sum of official expenses. It depends on many factors. While the filing fee is the fixed sum of around $409, the rest of divorce-related spending will fluctuate depending on your case peculiarities and your decisions as to marriage termination. You can choose which attorney to hire, what type of divorce to appeal to, whether to cooperate with your spouse, and which issues to fight for. This all will have a significant impact on the cost of your divorce. Explore your possibilities for finalizing your marriage in Florida, prepare well, and opt for a top beneficial way to guarantee success in the aftermath and safety for your family budget at the same time. 

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